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About The Cultch

The Cultch is Vancouver’s most diverse and innovative arts and cultural hub.


We operate three theatres, a gallery, and various multi-use spaces in the heart of East Vancouver. We offer dynamic contemporary programming in theatre, dance, music, and the visual arts, bringing world-class cultural presentations to our community. Our purpose is to provide a performance space for diverse audiences, serve as a space for artistic experimentation, develop local companies, and present cutting-edge national and international work.

“The Cultch is a company that really opens its doors to the community”
Corey Payette, Artistic Director, Urban Ink

Our Story

For over 45 years, we have presented cutting edge performances in contemporary music, theatre and dance as well as producing outstanding community arts and educational initiatives for children, youth and their families. More than 100 presentations each season are seen by well over 50,000 people.

As a presenting theatre, we curate unique and diverse performance from Vancouver, across Canada and the globe, bringing world-class theatre, dance and music to our community in East Vancouver.

We are home to three performance spaces: the Historic Theatre, the Vancity Culture Lab, and the York Theatre. The Historic Theatre and the Vancoity Culture Lab are housed in a renovated church, constructed in 1909.

The York started its life as The Alcazar Theatre in 1913. After being rescued from the wrecking ball in 2013, it was renovated to become the Cultch’s third theatre space.

“The Cultch, since 1973, has been a facilitator and presenter of consistently excellent, local and visiting performances… [it] is recognized for its community leadership that models inclusivity and centres diversity as a lived value”

City of Vancouver, 2019

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