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Sound Walks


Included in the Exploring Transform experience were 3 soundwalks written by young indigenous artists Tai Amy Grauman, Taran Kootenhayoo and Kaitlyn Yott with sound designer David Mesiha.  They were created specifically for listening while walking between The Cultch and the York Theatre, but the binaural experience can be enjoyed in any location.  These soundwalks are an auditory experience that offers you the opportunity to indulge in the ambience of a particular location while listening to narration specifically created for that journey.


Tai Amy Grauman, Taran Kootenhayoo, Kaitlyn Yott, David Mesiha, Kris Boyd

Tools Used

Working together with these talented artists provided a great opportunity to create uniquely immersive sound-walks that connect directly and profoundly with their indigenous stories and invites audiences to connect to their narratives and realities.

We utilized a number of audio techniques to create a binaural immersive experience that places the audience member in the shoes of a companion walking beside the story teller and experiencing the same environmental soundscape in a 3 dimensional space.

The narration was recorded in a studio environment while the ambiences where recorded live using binaural recording headset. We faced the challenge of virtualizing the narration and the weaved together added sound design to make it sound as a cohesive part of the binaural sound recording. We were able to accomplish this through the use of specialized audio tools for virtualization and post processing techniques. These tools included WaveArts Panorama, dearVR and a DAW

Project Reflections

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