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Exploring Transform

Exploring Transform was an interactive website created to take audience members on a journey to discover the artists performing in TRANSFORM: A Cabaret Festival(Oct 2019).  Using a text-message styled interface, players chose their path to see, hear, and read about the diverse offerings of the festival.  Some artists created videos and recorded surprise “phone calls” to speak directly to the audience members.  Others responded to interview questions or made performance videos unique to Exploring Transform.  Festival Protocol Keeper Quelemia Sparrow shared the story of how her people came to be named Musqueam, the people of the məθkʷəy̓ plant. Viewing content allowed players to gain points which could be redeemed for rewards, like concession and ticket discounts.


David Mesiha, Kris Boyd

Tools Used

Project Reflections

The trajectory for this experience began with the idea that we could build and share expertise with a platform with great potential called Conductrr, designed to create SMS/phone call/social media/email driven interactive experiences. But as social media sites increased restrictions with their API’s, Conducttr changed its focus from theatre to crisis management and their new design tool TeamXp had moved most of its functionality toward the creation of a customized web app which contained simulated versions of SMS/phone calls, etc. We decided to experiment within this framework anyway, drawn to its ability to create a branching narrative using a familiar text message style interface. See the Exploring Transform project page for a playthrough of the web-app.


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