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About Digital Storytelling

The Cultch Digital Storytelling project creates immersive and interactive digital transmedia experiences that extend the storyworlds of the shows we present.

Our position as a presenting theatre allows us the opportunity to explore how a participatory pre or post-show experience can give artists a space to expand their storyworld beyond the time and physical space of the production in the theatre.  How can these experiences facilitate a different kind of relationship between audience and artist?

We are working to become a center for the development of innovative, interactive and meaningful artistic experiences while exploring new forms of digital storytelling.  We explore how stories can benefit from this expanded artistic practice, learn how audiences engage with the work, and act as a resource to others who would like to explore these ideas.  We invite all Canadian theatre companies interested in this work to get in touch with us to share experiences in the methods and tools of digital transmedia storytelling.

We acknowledge and are grateful for the support by the Canada Council for the Arts.
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