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Alice in Wonderland Post-show Gather space

We collaborated with Theatre Replacement, Director Meg Roe, and visual artist and scenic designer Cindy Mochizuki to create a virtual version of the set and story world created for Theatre Replacement’s live production of Alice in Wonderland. Audiences from both the online and in-person performances were invited to meet the cast and each other on the platform Gather, while exploring interactive elements that echoed story elements from the script.

Process Design and Key Outcomes

Artists were enabled to:

  • explore the tools needed to transform set drawings into layered images with orthaganal perspective appropriate for virtual world building

  • examine the play’s narrative and extract key scenes that evoke interactions online

  • explore the dramaturgy of incorporating online audience contributions to extend the “Kids can!” youth empowerment moment of the live production.

  • explore backstage camerawork to expose the performers’ perspective

  • incorporate interactive games connected to show design and themes

  • create proximity based immersive sound design elements

Audiences had the opportunity to:

  • Meet cast members and other online audience members from around the world at the postshow online event

  • explore an immersive and interactive world based on the show, putting themselves into the Wonderland landscape

  • record their voices through the interface, and those recordings were incorporated into the proximity based sound design of the world

  • view the entire live production from a backstage perspective

The technical team gained experience with:

  • pushing the boundaries of creative interactive possibilities on the Gather platform

  • setup of an audio streaming server

  • integration of html5 games into webpages

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